This is the fourth book of Iron Warriors 1. A preview is shown below.



After coming back to Earth from a successful mission, the Fire Resistance targets Anthony, who is taking a break at the time. While he's at home, The Fire Resistance leader, comes to the base and defeats everyone who was in it. Everyone was there at the time - everyone but Dan. Just before Baron passes out, he sends an emergency alert call to Anthony's armor, which is in his backpack he created recently to carry the armor. While Anthony is testing a new armor, the Buster Body Armor, he receives the emergency call in his armor. He alerts Tony and William that he is leaving and he should be back in a few days. After coming back to Gomeathia, Anthony Realizes that Dan wasn't anywhere in the mess. All of a sudden the leader of the Fire Resistance appears in a huge armor and the battle begins...

Full Story

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