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After being teleported to a different dimension, there was a long line of people standing in front of a building. When William's turn came, he came close to winning a test battle. Tony's turn came, and he received the same results as William's. But Anthony had other tricks. He won, and became team leader. Then, they were sent on their first mission...

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Chapter 1

As Anthony stepped into the battle room, he saw a figure about as tall and as old as himself, and called out, “Hey you! Watch and learn how I do this, because you’re going down!”

“You didn’t even introduce yourself,” the figure spoke. “Anyway, let’s get on with it.”

They both held their core and put it in the center of their chest. They both started glowing, and their armory reinstalled itself around them.

“Let’s do this!” They both yelled. Then they lunged at each other, grabbing each other’s hands. Anthony got the upper hand at first, throwing his opponent on the ground. Then his opponent jumped back up, throwing Anthony into the celling. Anthony jumped back into battle.

“Take some of this!” Anthony shouted, shooting an onboard laser. “And some of this! And some of that! And…”

“Do you seriously think it’s going to be that easy to take me down?!?” the figure yelled, throwing Anthony onto the ground.

“Yeah,” Anthony yelled back, getting up. He shot a laser at his opponent, making him fall on the ground. “And stay down!”

The battle went on fiercely, until Anthony had won the first round, throwing his opponent into the wall and slamming him in a headlock on the ground.

“You may have won the first round, but the second won’t be the same,” Anthony’s opponent said.

Chapter 2

The second round was very fierce, but, Anthony was always with the upper hand.

“Why don’t you -” all of a sudden, things changes for Anthony. He really had the upper hand now, because he had accidentally used his core laser just before his opponent could use his shield.

“Aaugh!” his opponent yelled in pain. “How – how did – how did you do that?!”

“I don’t know, really,” Anthony said. “I don’t even know how that happened.”

“Welcome to The Armored Fire, Anthony.” the figure said. “My name is Trevor, leader of The Armored Fire. How would you like to be our new team leader?”

All of a sudden, the intruder alarm went off. “Take that as a ‘yes’,” Anthony said to Trevor, opening his armory mask. “If something is happening, I’m up for it.” The team started running to the area that was being invaded, Baron and another figure activating their armor. Then they joined the team.

“Sorry for the awkward introduction,” the figure said, “But my name is Evan. This is -”

“I know, I know,” Anthony said, “Baron and Trevor. Is there anyone else that I don’t know that’s on this team?”

“Well, there’s Dan,” Evan replied. Before Anthony could say anything they had found the intruder.

“Well, well, if it isn’t The Armored Fire squad,” the intruder said.

Chapter 3

Alpha 10,” Trevor said, disgusted. “We meet again.”

“Yeah, and those new ‘things’ you have?” Alpha10 said, laughing. “Are they weapons? What do I even care what they are, anyway? They’re going down!”

“Things?!” Anthony screamed. “Things?!? This is the last battle you’ll ever live to see!!!” He lunged at Alpha 10 and punched him so hard his helmet shattered.

“Yeah,” Evan said, “Remind me never to make him angry.”

Anthony kept punching Alpha10 until he had no weapons to fight with.

“You have no idea what you are about to get, Anthony.” Alpha10 said, loading up his flame thrower. Before he could use it, Anthony smashed the flame thrower and slammed Alpha10 onto the ground, headfirst.

“Ugh…” Alpha10 said in pain.

“Next time, think twice about calling me and my brothers ‘things’. Got that?” Anthony said firmly. Then they all left to go back to headquarters. But before they could step inside, Alpha10 grabbed a missile and shot it at Anthony multiple times. He screamed in pain, trying to get him again.

“It’s not that easy… to take me down!!” Anthony yelled, shooting his core’s laser at Alpha10. After the laser shot, Alpha10 appeared on the ground, and shot something at Anthony. Then a beam of light hit him and he disappeared.

“What a nutsy little kid he is,” Anthony said, and stepped inside. Just as he did, a figure pointed at him and said, “He let Alpha10 get armory data off of him! How can you just let Anthony get away with that?!”

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