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One typical Friday, a teen and his two younger brothers were coming home in a subway train in New York City. When they came outside, the sky became dark, as if it was going to storm. Then, circular beams of light started hitting the city, and small cylinders appeared on the floor of New York City. All three of them picked one up, and when the oldest picked his up, his started glowing red...

Full Story

Anthony’s Side

This might sound weird, but I was coming home with my younger brothers, Tony and William, on an already disturbing Friday. After having to pay lots of bills around the city and shopping, we were finally coming home to rest. On our way out of the next subway station, circular beams of light hit the city. After the light, the sky became dark and it started raining. Not water, but small cylinders. William picked his up first. It started glowing blue. Then Tony picked his up, and his started glowing blue, too. But when I picked mine up, it started glowing red. Already infuriated at the fact that everything happened to me today, I decided to ignore it. But I shouldn't have. An hour later, when we were at home, I decided to relax and go on the internet. When I did, I researched about the cylinders that had been found all over the city. All of the links were news. All but one. I clicked on that link and learned how to use it. Strangely, the person who wrote that article had no name. I ignored that too, when I shouldn't have. The steps were to hold it in the palm of the hand that he/she writes with. I had already done that, thus, making it glow. Then the next step was to put it on your chest and wait. The last part of that step sounded strange to me, wondering what to wait for. When I and my brothers put it in the center of our chests, we waited. Afterwards, we - and I said we - started glowing the colors of our cylinder. A body armory covered us and we were teleported to another dimension.

Unknown’s Side

We were just at war against our enemy, and we lost. We are at shame. There aren’t enough of us to defeat them. I took the remaining cores I had and threw them into the dimensional teleporter. I waited for days before finally finding out that the cores had been duplicated, and I got lost there. At the same time, I was happy that they had been duplicated for it would be easier to find a new team leader, but, I was also angry for messing things up for we would have to change plans and our team leader might be someone evil out there. But, I decided to take chances because this was our only chance at this. I just hope that I can find a new team leader before it’s too late.

Chapter 1

Anthony was coming home on a typical and very disturbing Friday. First, there had been the rent, and then the monthly bills, and the car finance. The car finance was a literal fight. Although Anthony had won in the end, they had to pay double next month.

As Anthony was sitting in the subway train car, Tony asked him “Do you think any more typical things are going to happen today?”

“Can you get run over by a car and survive?’’ Anthony snapped.

“Uh… I don’t know.”

“Then that’s your answer.”

“This is: Parkside Avenue. Transfer is available…” The train recording announced.

“This is our stop,” Anthony said. “Let’s go.”

“But what about -” William tried to say.

“I said, let’s go, before it starts raining. See the clouds?”

“Okay.” William replied as he walked out of the train, discouraged. Right after they got out of the station, it started raining.

“Oh, great. Now it’s raining tuna cans!” Anthony yelled.

“Uh, Anthony? It’s raining unlabeled cylinders,” Tony corrected, yelled over all the noise.

“I don’t – wait what’s this?” Anthony said, quickly. William picked one up. It started glowing the color of blue. He put on his scanner glasses. “I think it’s an armory core, one that activates body armor. The source is unknown, and so high in frequency.”

Tony picked one up. It started glowing blue, too. “Hey, what’s up with the glowing thingy?”

“It doesn’t glow,” Anthony said. “Look, see, mine doesn’t -” Anthony stopped. His started glowing red. Red, Anthony thought. Why is mine glowing red?!? Then, the core electrified him. “Ouch!” He yelled. “Did you see that?!”

“Yours has a higher frequency, unlike the others,” William said, scanning Anthony’s core. “It is strange because I never noticed a frequency that high and strong.”

Chapter 2

After finally coming home from a very bad day, the three brothers decided to take a rest and relax.

Anthony, aren’t you going to research about these cores we got?” Tony asked.

“Let me think about it,” Anthony replied. “Nah. Why should I if I already got all the info on it from William?”

Anthony, I don’t have all of the information,” William said. “The rest of it was blocked for an unknown reason from an unknown source. You should probably do some research.”

“Fine.” Anthony got up off of the couch and did some research on his computer. “News, news, news, instructions, news…”

“Go back to the instructions,” Tony said, “And click on it.”

Anthony went back to the instructions link and clicked on it. “Now what?”

“Read it.”

Anthony first looked at the username. “Classified,” was its name. “Strange,” Anthony said. He started reading the info. “‘First, hold the core in the hand you write with.’” That was the first instruction. Anthony and his brothers had done that already. “’Then, put in the center of your chest and wait.’” After reading this, Anthony started suspecting something. He didn’t tell it to his brothers because he decided to ignore this. “Okay, let’s do what the instructions say, but only because I think it’s okay.”

“Okay,” Tony and William both said. They followed the instructions.

“Now wait,” Anthony said. After waiting five minutes, Anthony got bored. “Does this thing work or not?” Anthony finally said. As if that was its queue, the trio started glowing. Tony, blue, William, blue, and Anthony, red.

“WHAT IS GOING ON!!” Anthony screamed. “THIS HURTS!!! OWWWWWW!!!” With that, body armor covered them, and all three of them disappeared.

Chapter 3

Somewhere, between disappearance and reappearance, the three of them passed out.

“Hey. Hello? Speak to me!” A voice said.

“What – huh? Who are you?” Anthony said, still dazed. He looked around. “Where am I? What happened to my brothers? What is this?!” He pointed to the red and silver covering his body.

“That, my friend, is body armor. My name is Baron. I’m the current assistant of this line you’re behind right now. You are on a planet called Gomeathia and you’re brothers are fine. We’re just waiting for your turn to come next.” He smiled.

“Okay…” Anthony said, confused. He went and stood with his brothers, who were halfway up the line. “The body armor model you are currently wearing is called the Silver Fire Mark One, SF MKI for short.” Baron said. “Your brothers are wearing a Blue Blaster Mark One, BB MKI for short.”

“I’m not sure I’m getting this,” Anthony said, still confused. “These body armors have names?”

“Yes, yes they do.”

“Okay, I’m still confused. Can you explain this to me later because -”

“It looks like it’s your brother’s turn to go against Trevor.”

“Who’s Trevor?”

“Our current team leader. The first person to beat him is the new team leader. I know you have a lot of questions, but you really have to go. So I’ll see you soon.” Then Baron left. Anthony, angry, just went to watch his brothers battle. First, William looked like he had a shot at winning. Then he lost it. Tony went, and came so close to winning. “And now, may we have Anthony come up and battle?” A voice said. Anthony put on his helmet. “I’m ready,” He said.
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