Eye color


First Appearance

Iron Warriors 1: Book 1, S.O.S

Hair color


Body Armor

Silver Fire MKI



Aditional Weapons

Fire Blaster, Stealth Tool, Ice Pistol


The Armored Fire

Anthony is the oldest of his two younger brothers, Tony and William. He leads his team, The Armored Fire to victory every time he and his team go out to battle.


Iron Warriors 1Edit

Anthony was coming home with his younger brothers, Tony and William, on an already disturbing Friday. After having to pay lots of bills around the city and shopping, they were finally coming home to rest. On their way out of the next subway station, circular beams of light hit the city. After the light, the sky became dark and it started raining. Not water, but small cylinders. William picked his up first. It started glowing blue. Then Tony picked his up, and his started glowing blue, too. But when Anthony picked his up, it startet glowing red. Anthony, infuriated at the fact that everything happened to him today, decided to ignore it. But he shouldn't have. An hour later, when he was at home, he decided to relax and go on the internet. When he did, he researched about the cylinders that had been found all over the city. All of the links were news. All but one. Anthony clicked on that link and learned how to use it. Strangely, the person who wrote that article had no name. Anthony ignored that too, when he shouldn't have. The steps were to hold it in the palm of the hand that he/she writes with. Anthony had already done that. Then the next step was to put it on your chest and wait. The last part of that step sounded strange to Anthony, wondering what to wait for. When Anthony and his brothers put it in the center of their chest, they waited. Afterwards, they started glowing the colors of their cylinder. A body armory coverd them and they were teleported to another dimension.

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